Teronix India Pvt. Ltd. is the leader & most trusted electronic products based Indian manufacturing business, which are focused on offering high quality and finish LED Smart TV, Smart Mobiles & Good power backup bank as electronic items at an extremely cost effective as well as durable. We have been in this business for a long time and serving business and private farm, corporate farm, vendor, dealers or individual customers. As we have open our retails store in Delhi as different location. We endeavour hard to surpass the fulfilment and desire of our clients by offering them finish drove items which experience the quality standard among others. We continually advance a solid electronic domain by assembling LED and Electric Products, which are vitality effective and spare your power bills.

Teronix India is a product based Indian company

Changing in the Need and Choice of Customers will lead to another product segment


Compared to the competition, Teronix offers best TVs. They usually release only a few models per year compared to other brands, but their models stay on the market for longer


Whenever thinking about how to find the best TV brand, I’m always reminded Teronix India to find a new television.