Q: What is NeKart / www.aapnashop.com ‘s customer return policy?

A: Each item is backed by NeKart / www.aapnashop.com is unconditional. This promotes trust and allows the consumer to purchase freely. Because NeKart / www.aapnashop.com maintain a strict quality policy, this return policy benefits vendors that make quality products.

Q: Does TV Shop sell high quality products?

A: Yes. NeKart / www.aapnashop.com are one of only a handful of retailers with its own in-house Quality Assurance program and extensive warehouse quality control. NeKart / www.aapnashop.com strives to provide the best quality and value in every product they offer, delivering world’s most innovative products. NeKart / www.aapnashop.com focus on quality means quality products make it on air and the NeKart / www.aapnashop.com customer can have faith in that quality when ordering.

Q. Can I place the Order offline also?

A. Yes, you can buy the products offline also either by giving a missed call to +91 78777 33442

Q. If we buy in bulk, do you provide any discounts?

No, we don’t. Our MRP prices are discounted rates and are the most competitive prices because you are getting it directly from the manufacturer.

Q. What is the estimated delivery time?

A. We have an extremely fast and very efficient nationwide delivery system to ensure your product is delivered to you in the fastest time possible. Our logistics are exceptionally smooth, ensuring you will experience only delight upon receiving your product. Metro city: 3-5 days from the date of order Northeast, Himachal Pradesh J&K and other part of India 5 to 7 Days from the date of order

Q. What is the mode of delivery?

A. We generally made the deliveries through our own delivery specialist or b courier

Q. What about the product Safety or What to do in case of damaged shipment delivery?

A. We take utmost care for safer delivery of products. They are packed and sealed. If upon delivery, the boxes are tampered or damaged, please do not accept the parcel and return it back immediately to the courier delivery person with your remarks. You may also call our customer care and report your complaint.

Q. Will you charge some shipping charges when I return the product?

A. No. We will refund the full amount.

Q. Can I change or cancel my order?

A. It is possible to cancel your order if it hasn’t been sent. Contact us and we will help you. It is not possible to change your order once it has been submitted. This also includes changing the size or color of a product, removing an item, changing the delivery address or payment method.